How eucalyptus oil can help in the laundry

10th Oct 2012

Many of you have probably heard that eucalyptus oil is great for temporarily relieving cough and cold symptoms, yet did you know that it also works wonders in the laundry?

Here are a few ways that you can use this wonderful essential oil with your washing!

Stain removal

Water soluble eucalyptus oil can be used to lift stubborn stains left by chewing gum, lipstick or even grease!

Soak some diluted oil on the area before you wash it. You may also want to put it regularly on high-contact areas such as cuffs and collars.


Next time you wash your bed linen, add 15ml of eucalyptus oil to your wash! Bed clothes can often become musty, but eucalyptus oil is the perfect way to freshen these up naturally.

Also try to hang up the linen on an outside line during summer, to let it get some air.

Everyday washing

Although eucalyptus oil is exceptionally great for bed linen, you can use it with your everyday washing too.

Just add 15ml to each load, and enjoy the fresh smell and soft texture of your clothes once they are cleaned.


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