How to keep cockroaches away

20th Jun 2012

Along with cooler temperatures, shorter days and generally awful weather, winter also has one other downside - cockroaches.

These unpleasant critters like to enter our homes during the rainy season to seek shelter from rain.

They are often found in moist, warm, sheltered areas and can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

However, nothing is impossible! Here are a few tips for keeping cockroaches away.

Clean away crumbs

If you have a cockroach problem it's time to up the ante on your cleaning routine, especially if you have messy children who like to leave a trail of crumbs around the house.

The bugs will snack on pretty much anything, so try to banish scraps of food from behind the oven, under your toaster, in your pantry, down the sides of couches or anywhere else they might reside.

It is also a good idea to make sure all the food in your cupboards is sealed in bags or containers.

Spray with eucalyptus oil

Now that you have a sparkling clean home, it's time to keep it that way. To ward cockroaches off, try spraying diluted eucalyptus oil in areas they usually dwell, such as pantries, windowsills, under furniture and around your kitchen.

Do this regularly for maximum effect and even leave balls of cotton wool with the oil around the home for extra protection.


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